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HRDA offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of companies from start-ups and midsize to multinational businesses, including corporations, manufacturing sites, governmental entities, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations.  

HRDA will partner with you to create the best fit for your objectives in a cost-effective manner. Our consulting areas of expertise include:

Business Aligned People Strategies

Diversity Training & Education Programs

HR Skill Building & HR Process Review

Leadership Coaching & Development

Increasing Team Effectiveness

The HRDA Advantage:
At HRDA we know your company’s DNA is like no other. That’s why we offer truly customized services to assist you in attaining your business’ unique goals and objectives through:

  • Consultative assessments
  • Collaborative strategic planning
  • Customized training programs
  • Flexible program delivery


Business Aligned People Strategies
HRDA works with your organization to develop a strategy and tactical approach to maximizing business performance and creating value through support of one of the company’s most valuable resources – ITS PEOPLE.

HRDA can assist you in building accountability and capability in areas critical to business success by:

  • Utilizing research and analysis to uncover your business’ areas for growth and improvement.
  • Creating recruitment strategies that ensure that your internal demographics reflect the marketplace.
  • Designing women and minority focused interventions to maximize your workforce’s personal and professional development.
  • Implementing focused succession strategies to improve, manage and develop pipeline diversity.
  • Crafting a people effectiveness scorecard with measurable goals.



Diversity Training & Education Programs
HRDA works with you to identify gaps in your people strategy and develop customized programs, practical tools and techniques to increase awareness and skill building a sample to include:

  • Inclusion Interventions - enhance awareness and skill building to create a more inclusive working environment.
  • Business Case for Diversity - leaders create a customized business case and plan specific to their business needs.
  • Age – increase awareness of issues associated with generational differences and their impact on communications and work styles.
  • Gender - facilitate an understanding and valuing of gender differences as a means to improving working relationships.
  • Can We Talk? - create focused dialogue to improve awareness and communication around difficult topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation and others specific to your workplace.
  • Efficacy Programs – provide forums that support individual empowerment to maximize personal and professional development within diverse employee groups.
  • Mentoring Programs – create a framework and best practices to sustain both traditional and mutual mentoring systems.

Contact HRDA to discuss your specific needs and how our network of specialists can deliver customized solutions.

The HRDA Advantage:
We offer flexible program delivery to include:

  • Professionally facilitated interventions
  • Train-the-trainer instructions
  • e-learning
  • Customized multimedia training materials (videos & audio)



HR Skill Building & HR Process Review
Having a highly involved human resources staff is critical in ensuring compliance as well as implementing fair and equitable people processes, policies and decisions that ultimately drive growth.

HRDA offers training, advisory guidance and input into the functional skills and behaviors needed to build your internal HR staff’s capabilities and accountability in their role as true strategic business partners.

HRDA offers capability building to:

  • Increase understanding of HR’s critical role in achieving company objectives.
  • Increase effectiveness in the key role of diversity specialists through the promotion of self awareness, personal values, beliefs and perceptions.
  • Increase the ability to recognize when there are people issues and unproductive behavior as well as having the confidence to intervene.
  • Increase comfort level in coaching and providing feedback to line managers.

HR Process Review
HRDA can assist your HR staff in a comprehensive review of key HR processes and policies designed to:

  • Remove unintentional biases and barriers.
  • Create transparent systems in which employees are advanced based on their abilities.
  • Apply an "inclusive lens" to actions such as recruiting, interviewing, selection, restructuring, compensation and succession planning.

The HRDA Advantage:
All of our services are provided in a manner that complements your existing systems.



Leadership Coaching & Development

HRDA provides coaching and education to executives, extended leadership and first-level and emerging leaders to assist in discovering strategies to approach issues encountered in today’s changing and competitive marketplace, such as:

  • Motivating and engaging staff.
  • Improving employee retention.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction.

HRDA is committed to your leadership’s success. We partner with you to create a process that provides skill building, multi-source feedback and tools to assist leaders in fully engaging staff in the business.

HRDA can help leaders:

  • Increase their communication skills to effectively convey expectations, give feedback and reward staff contributions.
  • Become effective mentors and coaches.
  • Serve as role models of inclusive behaviors.
  • Make discussions concerning compensation a motivational opportunity, even in down times.

Increasing Team Effectiveness

HRDA can help your team develop, deliver and succeed in a manner that enhances both individual and team performance.

Whether it’s a:

  • Committee struggling to find its purpose;
  • Team having difficulty valuing diverse styles and perspectives;
  • Group paralyzed by disruptive behavior; or
  • New team member challenged to understand the "unwritten" rules.

HRDA professional facilitators use a variety of methods and assessments to increase team effectiveness. Results include:

  • Creating meeting environments where everyone contributes.
  • Increasing a team's real-time ability to manage disruptive behavior and its impact on the team.
  • Assisting diversity committees and affinity groups in developing a mission and goals linked to business objectives.
  • Implementing structured and effective on-boarding for new team or committee members.
  • Providing a quantitative approach to measuring the effectiveness of a team.



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